pre_2to3 Log

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[00a03b] (0.4) by mtnyogi

Final commit for release 0.4.

2008-08-30 23:45:30 Tree
[97f053] by mtnyogi

Commit in preperation for release.

- Moved experimental files out of the way to fix the setup error reported in

./testall works

2008-08-30 21:31:42 Tree
[23a00c] by mtnyogi

Link checks done!

2008-08-30 01:50:32 Tree
[164998] by mtnyogi

Oops! Forgot to do bin/gen_html first...

2008-08-29 21:17:12 Tree
[0ee160] by mtnyogi

Finished with the documentation! (Well, almost -- still would like to do a
link test).

Passes ./testall!

2008-08-29 21:14:47 Tree
[842043] by egon_wuchner

added a second metaclass approach.

2008-08-28 19:38:04 Tree
[0d9d26] by mtnyogi

Fixed a bug in add_links/strip_links scripts that caused all html files to be
updated each time gen_html was run.

This should be the last time that all html files are updated!

2008-08-23 18:19:49 Tree
[bfcaf9] by mtnyogi

Updated doc/source/knowledge_bases.

Also fixed a bug in pyke/ raising subprocess.CalledProcessError.

2008-08-22 20:39:56 Tree
[d7e01c] by mtnyogi

More documention updates.

But also added the pyke/ so that people can play with it...

2008-08-21 18:00:14 Tree
[daaa92] by mtnyogi

Another step further on the documentation. Starting to see light at the end
of the tunnel!

./testall works!

2008-08-20 19:03:02 Tree
[e16031] by mtnyogi

bin/gen_html works now!

2008-08-17 03:09:10 Tree
[b4780f] by mtnyogi

Working bugs in links doing doc/source/bin/gen_html... Getting closer!

2008-08-17 02:56:59 Tree
[2f6d13] by mtnyogi

getting closer on bin/gen_html...

2008-08-17 02:36:49 Tree
[300377] by mtnyogi

Getting closer to bin/gen_html working...

2008-08-17 02:21:04 Tree
[837894] by mtnyogi

Added ".. __: ..." line back to PyCon2008-paper.txt!

2008-08-17 01:52:11 Tree
[6212a6] by mtnyogi

doc/sources with the ".. _link: url" lines deleted (in preperation for
using add_links).

2008-08-17 01:33:13 Tree
[d64633] by mtnyogi

Fixed up doc/source/links.

2008-08-17 01:29:04 Tree
[1ecb05] by mtnyogi

More documentation work. Still not done.

This passes testall.

2008-08-16 23:48:14 Tree
[88c936] by mtnyogi

The document structure is finally taking shape! Now clean up, clean up and
more clean up... (so, nope, still not soup yet)...

2008-08-14 15:02:14 Tree
[f04839] by mtnyogi

More documentation juggling... not soup yet...

2008-08-14 14:02:32 Tree
[09e7ae] by mtnyogi

More documentation work. Still not soup yet...

2008-08-12 21:07:51 Tree
[e3ae18] by mtnyogi

Hopefully this is close to the right overall doc structure now...

Still not soup yet!

2008-08-11 19:56:21 Tree
[765c02] by mtnyogi

Another prepretory commit before more shuffling in doc/html...

Still not soup yet!

2008-08-11 19:51:19 Tree
[27a6fd] by mtnyogi

Preparation for more document shuffling. Still not soup yet!

2008-08-11 19:34:54 Tree
[7c29e9] by mtnyogi

Another bogus commit to be able to rename things in doc/source.

The doc/source files are BROKEN in this revision!

2008-08-11 17:43:28 Tree
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