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Announcing Pyke 0.6 Release

This fixes a reported bug in Pyke and also sets up the examples to be easier to run by not requiring that they be run from a certain directory. This makes them easier to run from Windows. The sqlgen and web_framework examples were also changed to use the Sqlite3 database rather than MySQL, again, to make the examples easier to run.

Pyke's use of the PLY lex and yacc modules has been changed to avoid compiling the scanner and parsers each time Pyke is run. These changes should also help when running Pyke on IronPython as PLY has some incompatibilities with IronPython.

Finally, Pyke has been upgraded to run on Python 2.6 without any Deprecation Warnings. (And Pyke still runs fine on Python 2.5). But to run Pyke on Python 2.6 you will need the development version of PLY (from subversion) until PLY comes out with it's release 2.6.

You need to upgrade to version 2.5 of PLY:

easy_install --upgrade ply>=2.5

And version 1.5 of HTMLTemplate (if you want to run the web_framework example). You can install HTMLTemplate 1.5 using easy_install, but I believe that if you have an older HTMLTemplate, it wasn't installed with easy_install and may need to be uninstalled manually.

Posted by Bruce Frederiksen 2008-12-31

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