Pyjamas 0.5p1 Released: Python Web/AJAX Widget Framework

Pyjamas 0.5p1 - - is a bug-fix release.

Pyjamas is a Web Widget Framework, written in python, that is compiled to javascript using its stand-alone python-to-javascript compiler.

Many of the issues faced by web developers - javascript and CSS incompatibilities and difficulties - simply go away, with Pyjamas, thanks to the declarative style used for Pyjamas application development, that's near-identical to that of python-qt4, python-gtk2 and python-wxWidgets.

The use of Pyjamas for application development turns web browsers into a desktop widget application development platform, with the added advantage of having full access to the complete set of HTML features of web browsers.

Posted by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton 2009-04-12

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