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pyiTctrl 0.1 released

pyiTctrl 0.1 (2007/05/07)
Added Language de - German.
Added Quit with iTunes, Launch iTunes confirmation.
Added Limit to Log files
Fixed [1712331] - Exits always ask to close iTunes - Without checking

Posted by livibetter 2007-05-07

pyiTctrl 0.0.1-r6 released

This is released because last source release missed two files.

Posted by livibetter 2007-04-27

pyiTctrl 0.0.1-r5 released

enjoy it

Posted by livibetter 2007-04-18

pyiTctrl 0.0.1-r4 released

pyiTctrl 0.0.1-r4 (2007/04/10)
Added OSD: Fading Show/Hide method.
Added System and iTunes Volume OSD.
Moded OSDs' layout.
Fixed [1692675] Hotkey can not be triggered - caused when event.Key is None.

Posted by livibetter 2007-04-09

pyiTctrl 0.0.1-r3 released

Added graphical response for repeat mode and shuffle on screen. And fixed some

Posted by livibetter 2007-04-02

pyiTctrl 0.0.1-r2 released

Added Track Information On Screen Display.

Posted by livibetter 2007-03-15

pyiTctrl 0.0.1-r1 released

Check out the notes from Download Section.

Posted by livibetter 2007-03-13

About iTunes 7.1

If you have installed the latest 7.1, you should already know iTunes can be controlled by multimedia keys on its own.

And I am still considering that should I suspend this project or continue for other features for enhancing iTunes.

Posted by livibetter 2007-03-06

pyitctrl released

This is first version. It can only use "Play/Pause", "Previous Track" and "Next Track" to control iTunes. And you have to manually request "Connect" from notify icon menu for controlling iTunes. And the last thing is the notify icon is temporary.

Run pyitctrl.exe from ZIP.


If you want to run from source, ensure you have pywin32, pyHook and wxPython. And directly double click on

Posted by livibetter 2007-03-05

First Version should be available next week

I already have a basic functional program. But I think I need to clean up the code first, then commit to the SF SVN.

Posted by livibetter 2007-03-03