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Pyhotobooth-0.7 Released

Today, I released version 0.7 which includes a new image gallery which fixes issues with large galleries by only loading a few images at a time. Also, in this version, you can configure the GStreamer pipeline that is used to display the cam. Except for a few minor fixes and features, the program should be ready for a 1.0 release when the issue with deadlocks when capturing frames is resolved. Any feedback or help on the deadlock would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Mike Slegeir 2007-07-01

Pyhotobooth Alpha Releases

With the first two early releases of Pyhotobooth having been released for a few days, and already having a few downloads, I would invite everyone who has tried it out to leave feedback on the forums. I'm interested in whether the program works for everyone as it should, or if there are other issues I'm not aware of. Also I'd like to know what features everyone would like to be implemented. Any feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated, and I hope everyone enjoys the program.

Posted by Mike Slegeir 2007-06-12