Sean - 2009-04-10

First I need to acknowledge the generosity of the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  Without their help and support pyGTM would not exist.

About two years ago I found myself in a quandry.  I needed to store, retrieve, interact with and query collections of python objects.  What I found myself thinking about time and time again was that mumps globals would be the way to go; an object-object wrapper that could wed the best of python and mumps.  Now I have a small prototype, which works with GT.M, that is a python module which demonstrates that python and mumps can indeed work together. 

This project has a long way to go.  A brief roadmap for what I need to do:

1) Recognize what python variable type and pass a variable type flag with the data going into GT.M so we can re-cast the data back as the correct python type.

2) Modify a copy of python's cPickle to iterate the whole python object by replacing the calls to add to the serialized string with calls to #1 above.  This will move whole python objects into and out of GT.M as needed.

3) Make an interactive set of calls to provide direct access to any part of a specific object.  (mapping dots to commas)

4) Make a query interface to query across multiple objects of the same or similar classes.

What I really need is people who are good at C, has an appreciation of python (particularly cPickle), and is open to Mumps.  Any help will be sincerely appreciated.