Project documentation

  • Andriy Palamarchuk

    It would be great to keep the project documentation also in CVS. So it would be possible to get it together with sources and if necessary to change it.
    I consider documentation to be as much important as sources, so it would benefit from being under control of CVS.
    If you have documentation only as part of the web site you can keep the whole web site in CVS.


    • Gary Shao

      Gary Shao - 2003-07-14

      I agree that documentation is a vital component of a complete project. The documentation for the applications in this project is still in an early formative stage. That is why no official news announcement for the project has been posted yet. Once the documentation has reached a state where it provides a reasonably useful resource for users, it will be included in the project CVS archive.

      The beta release of the software was primarily intended to allow people to try out the software and point out problem areas. It was quite possible that significant changes in the UI or supported feature set could have resulted from this feedback process.



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