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Py++ 0.9.5

Starting from this version, Py++ provides complete support for the multi-module development and Unicode. It also adds one more strategy to split the generated code to files. This release contains many small usability features and documentation improvements.

Posted by Roman 2008-02-06

pygccxml 0.9.5

This release adds support for GCC-XML 0.9, which is based on the GCC 4.2 parser. It also includes a few new features, several bugfixes, updated documentation, and a GCC-XML 0.7 to 0.9 upgrade guide.

Posted by Roman 2008-02-06

Py++ 0.8.1

Py++ is an object-oriented framework for creating a code generator for Boost.Python library.

User feedback functionality was improved.
Support for Boost.Python indexing suite version 2 was implemented.
Support for huge classes was added.

Posted by Roman 2006-08-24

pygccxml - 0.8.1

pygccxml is a simple framework to navigaet C++
classes from Python.

pygccxml has been ported to Mac OS.
New type traits have been added.
Logging functionality was improved.

Posted by Roman 2006-08-24

pydsc 0.2

pydsc is a simple and easy to use Python
documentation strings and comments spell checker.

import pydsc
#every module you import after it will be checked
#for errors

Posted by Roman 2006-08-24

pyboost - 0.1

pyboost is a Python package that contains Python
bindings for few boost( www.boost.org ) libraries:

For usage example, please download relevant file
and take a look at "unittests" folder.

Posted by Roman 2006-05-31

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