> >> No. Py++ doesn't support boost::unordered containers.
> >>
> >> I have a luck to work with recent compilers, so they already have such
> >> functionality.
> >>
> >> If boost::unordered containers does not require tweaking to indexing
> >> suite v2, than it should not be too difficult to add support for them.
> >
> > I think (but I'm not really sure...) that unordered_map and unordered_set
> > could be "mapped" as standards maps and sets. I think it's important to
> > support
> > these containers since they are now part of the standard library.
> So, may be Py++ should support the std containers first?
> > Let me know if I can help in some way.
> Patches :-)?

I think that Py++ should support first std container (I mean "automatically"
detect it and map to the related indexing suite). Since Py++ already detects
some boost classes, I think that it should support boost::unordered too...
On the other side I think that some api that allows exposing custom containers
(dunno if already exists) should be available, maybe something like:
my_container1 -> expose with indexing::map_suite   
my_container2 -> expose with indexing::list_suite   

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