> It is not going to be too difficult. But, If I were you, I would not
> go this way. I would drop "overloading" and gave the functions
> different name.
> The interface exposed to the user is fragile and could be easily
> broken with addition/deletion of a function.
> Let me know if you still want the change.

In my option one or more params doesn't make any difference when
someone choose to use USE_CALLDEF_ORGANIZER, but it's my opinion :)
I managed to write a working solution in ugly python code :D

class my_calldef_organizer_t(object):
    def __init__( self ):
        object.__init__( self )
        #preserve order in which functions where defined
        self.__cmp_unrelated = lambda d1, d2: cmp( d1.location.line, d2.location.line )

    def __build_groups( self, decls ):
        groups = { None: [] }
        for d in decls:
            # First patch here
            if not isinstance( d, declarations.calldef_t ) or len( d.required_args ) == 0:
                groups[ None ].append( d )
                if not groups.has_key( d.name ):
                    groups[ d.name ] = []
                groups[ d.name ].append( d )
        return groups

    def __cmp_types( self, t1, t2 ):
        return decl_wrappers.algorithm.registration_order.is_related( t1, t2 )

    def __cmp( self, f1, f2 ):
        # Second patch here
        result = None   
        args = len(f1.arguments)
        if args == len(f2.arguments):
                i = 0
                while i < args and result is None:
                        if not declarations.is_same(f1.arguments[i].type, f2.arguments[i].type):
                                result = self.__cmp_types(f1.arguments[i].type, f2.arguments[i].type)
                        i = i + 1

        if result is None:
                result = self.__cmp_unrelated( f1, f2 )
        return result

    def __sort_groups( self, groups ):
        for group in groups.keys():
            if None is group:
            groups[ group ].sort( self.__cmp )

    def __join_groups( self, groups ):
        decls = []
        sorted_keys = groups.keys()
        for group in sorted_keys:
            decls.extend( groups[group] )
        return decls

    def sort( self, decls ):
        groups = self.__build_groups( decls )
        result = self.__join_groups(groups)
        return result

def sort_calldefs_wrapper( decls ):
    return my_calldef_organizer_t().sort(decls)
creators_factory.sort_algorithms.sort_calldefs = sort_calldefs_wrapper

I think it would make sense to apply this patch in svn.
Thank you as usual ;)

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