Hi Roman,


Thanks for your help with my problem using std::vector<int>. As I said in my last email, my ultimate goal is to wrap  functions with a signature similar to:


      UserDefinedReturnValue getDevices(std::vector<UserDefinedClass> & devices)


I am have problems with a vector of a UserDefinedClass.


I have the following class:


#include <string>

#include <iostream>

#include <vector>


using namespace std;


enum iStorReturnType {SUCCESS, FAILURE};


class Device




    iStorReturnType setName( string );

    iStorReturnType getName( string& );

    iStorReturnType printName();


      string m_name;



In another class I have two instances of the Device class. In this class I have a function which returns one instance of the Device class with no problem. I want to also have a function to return a vector of all the devices.


      iStorReturnType  getDevices(std::vector<Device>& devices);


In my generated file I am seeing the following error:


    { //scope begin

        typedef bp::class_< std::vector< Device > > vector_less__Device__grate__exposer_t;

        vector_less__Device__grate__exposer_t vector_less__Device__grate__exposer = vector_less__Device__grate__exposer_t("vector_less__Device__grate_");

        bp::scope vector_less__Device__grate__scope( vector_less__Device__grate__exposer );

        //WARNING: the next line of code will not compile, because "::Device" does not have operator== !

        vector_less__Device__grate__exposer.def( bp::vector_indexing_suite< ::std::vector< Device > >() );

    } //scope end


I am hoping this is the last stumbling block to being able to implement these “simple” classes. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.


I do have one other question. In the C++ code that I am trying to wrap, all the functions have an error code as the return value and the actual values you want are passed as reference parameters. Is there a way to generate the function transformations other than listing each function separately in the python script which pyplusplus uses to generate the wrappers?


Thanks so much for your help.