On 4/1/07, Allen Bierbaum <allenb@vrsource.org> wrote:

>     http://boost.cvs.sourceforge.net/boost/boost/boost/python/object.hpp?view=markup
>      >
>      > As you can see this functions will be released as a part of 1.34.
>     True, but 1.34 isn't released yet so my users don't have it.  Is there
>     anyway to keep features like this (FT.output) working for 1.33 until
>     1.34 is out and in more wide spread use?
> Yes I will fix this too

Thank you.

After thinking about this more, I was wondering what you may think of
adding support for a py++ generation script to specify a "target
software set".  For example the user could tell the module builder that
they are targetting boost 1.33.1 without the indexing suite 2 or
conversely that they are targeting boost HEAD and indexing suite 2.
Then the code could use this for two things:

    1) Telling the user if they try to use a feature that is not
supported by their target
    2) Letting the system make decisions in code generation based on
available features.

What does everyone think, would this be a useful feature?

I think this is a cool feature and it will take me 0( zero) minutes to implement it :-)


The problem with this feature is that I cannot test it :-(

Roman Yakovenko
C++ Python language binding