Thank you for the link. I'll try that one out and let you know how it goes. As for using a virtual machine, it sounds like a lot of overhead. I'd rather it just work with the available compilers. I think it's funny that it's called ***GCC**xml, yet it doesn't work with the MINGW gcc.exe compiler. I've been a bit locked into the windows world, I've not had any experience with other operating systems. Perhaps that's the reason why I'm confused. In any case, I definitely want a virtual machine to be an absolute last resort. Thanks again for your reply.

Take care.

On 7/30/07, Roger Dahl <> wrote:

There's a Windows version of GCC_XML here:

Maybe you can get that working with pygccxml. Also, have you considered running Py++ on Linux? Just get one of the free Linux virtual machine images and the free VMWare player. Mount your Windows disk in the Linux VM, run Py++ in the Linux VM and point it to your sources in the Windows filesystem. That's what I'm currently doing.


Robert Dailey wrote:

I'm currently learning how to use Py++ but I am not able to get very far. I
can't even use GCC_XML because I only have /mingw/bin/gcc.exe and also msvc8
(visual studio 2005). I've posted to the GCC_XML mailing list but I haven't
gotten a response back yet. Any have this problem before? Maybe you can give
me some quick tips to fix the issue.


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