due to limitations of swig I am currently learning Py++ and Pyste (because it seems currently to be better documented than Py++).

Does Pyste or Py++ offer typemaps like swig (http://www.swig..org/Doc1.3/SWIGDocumentation.html#Python_nn53) that allow any sequence of input arguments to be wrapped to other Python arguments (like for example ....,int len,char *s,... to a Python string) in any function where they appear, even surrounded by other arguments?

The only remotely similar I found documented is http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_37_0/libs/python/pyste/doc/wrappers.html which explains how to write a wrapper between C++ STL and Python containers. But such a wrapper has to be rewritten for each and every function. Is there a simple method that automates the repetitive task like swig typemaps?