I’d like to use Python in the following way:


1) create a library (pyd) with some interfaces of the main program taken outside; generate then its code with py++

2) create a set of scripts, that use this library

3) execute these scripts with boost::python from the main program


Unwillingness to carry out any manual corrections of the generated code is an important part of the solution. The code is being generated

authomatically, and only the script and the imported header are to be corrected in case of any problem. It is motivated by the fact, that

the program is developing dynamically and it is better to see and solve immedeately the emerging discrepancies.


Thus, the main task of implementation phase been solved already, but there arose the following problem: there appeared a desire to transfer

into python our objects (from those being exposed). But all wrappers are being generated into the library from the point 1, and are in the

cpp files.


I’m ready to make the dependance of the main module on the library. But how to get the wrappers, if it is undesirable to correct the generated code manually?