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pythongamebook / News: Recent posts


another game for my pygamebook project is released. The game is called Schiff (German for ship) and is a small 4-player game with ships shooting eacht other. Find out more at the project page:

Posted by Horst JENS 2009-03-06

new version 0.54

This is a in-between release. Thanks to Moritz Wilhelmy, you can play TuxFighter now in Fullscreen mode. Some minor bugfixes and improvments added, like Joystik support.

Posted by Horst JENS 2008-02-24

New summer job

After leaving my last job to become self-employed i was very busy for the last year. Now i start a summer job in a game developer company coding in python. Hopefully this will motivate me to finish the multiplayer part for Tuxfighter.

Posted by Horst JENS 2007-06-02

Videos and Wolvix

No big news yet on pygamebook, but at least i finished some Python Tutorial: videos.
Also working on customizing a Wolvix-Live-CD to my taste:

Posted by Horst JENS 2007-03-14

very slow progress

Sorry to have no better news yet,
i make progress but very slow. I hope to release some new versions soon.

Posted by Horst JENS 2007-02-15

sorry for the delay

Sorry for not publishing anything new during the summer. I switched job an improved some missing skills like GUI-programming. I hope to release a new version soon.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-09-29

homepage with screenshots and links

I made some high-resolution screenshots for the homepage and added a "link" section.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-06-11

Tuxfighter in Japan

The kind folks at made an entry about Tuxfighter on their japanese Web-site.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-06-11


i started writing a homepage for TuxFighter (and pygamebook). Not very much to see yet:

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-06-10

.deb package avaiable for Version 0.52

Thanks to Alexander, the .deb package of TuxFighter Version 0.52 can be found in the download section. Tested with Ubuntu Dapper.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-06-09

readme now in the Docs section

The english readme file of the game can be downloaded direct from the Docs section of The packages in the download section still contain the readme file, as before.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-06-06

New Version: 0.52

A new version of TuxFighter is aviable. Check out Version 0.52, including improved graphic effects, and the new ubuntu-power-up.
Debian package will come soon, thanks to Alexander.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-06-04

Entry at

Since yesterday i am proud to announce the world that TuxFighter is also present as an entry at

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-06-03

discussion at

i just noticed it now (a bit late), but there is an ongoin discussion about the TuxFighter at

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-05-27

.deb package aviable for version 0.50b

Thank to new Developer "AMDuser", version 0.50b of TuxFighter is also aviable as .deb Package for debian/ubuntu dapper systems.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-05-15

New Version: 0.50b

New Version (windows and .tgz) is aviable: The version 0.50b. Thanks to the great help of brand-new DEVELOPER "AMDuser", a debian package will follow soon.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-05-14

.deb package aviable

Thanks to Alex from an experimental debian package is aviable. tested with ubuntu dapper. Does NO Menuentry (yet), so you have to type "tuxfighter" in an terminal to start the game.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-04-18

New Version: 0.49

enjoy the power-ups, crazy rockets, smaller fonts and lot of minor improvements.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-04-17

New Version: 0.43

Just a quick fix of a critical Bug.
Changed format for source release from .zip to .tgz

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-02-17

Windows - Installer aviable

Now exist a (primitive) windows installer for simple "download and doubleclick"-plaesure. The sourcecode is still aviable as a different package (the zip-file)

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-02-16

New Version

i uploaded a new package of TuxFighter. It is TuxFighter Version 0.42

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-02-14

Performance problems anyone ?

Hi, could you report me how fast TuxFighter is running on your System ? Is it running ? What is your System ? (OS, Mhz). I included a FPS - Display, it should "normal" show a value around 60. I'm especially interested how Tuxfighter is perfroming on Mac's or on on older Hardware.

Posted by Horst JENS 2006-02-08