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Pieter's Letter

2005/11/1, <>:

Hi Roman,

Hi Pieter!

I found your pyExcelerator to be a great tool!


I have been using it on Mac OSX to write complicated
python formulas in Python after reading values from an
Excel spreadsheet, and then writing the answers back to
a spreadsheet. It made interacting with Excel much
more tolerable than expected.

I'm too :-)... read more

Posted by Roman V. Kiseliov 2005-11-02

RPM packages

Jan ONDREJ <ondrejj at> prepared pyexcelerator RPM packages

Many thanks!

Posted by Roman V. Kiseliov 2005-10-27

0.6.3a is released!

0.6.3a (25.10.2005)
* slightly new algorithm for reading OLE2 files. I hope it is
more robust
* splitting and frozing
* worksheet protection
* protection password
* workbook protection
* new example:,,
* extracting formula results
* speed optmizations(for example, benchmark runs about
20-30% faster)
* updated THANKS file
* xls2csv, xls2txt, xls2html now resides in ./tools

Posted by Roman V. Kiseliov 2005-10-26

OLE2 files with incorrect MSAT entries

Now pyExcelerator can import these files. For example see file p-0508-0000507647-3280-5298.xls in ./museum.

Posted by Roman V. Kiseliov 2005-09-30

Formulas, dates, numbers support

0.6.0a (19.07.2005)
* blanks, numbers, currency (use number formats!) and dates (use number formats!)
* pyExcelerator uses 1.5-2 times less memory (thanks to __brains__ and __slots__)
* fixes for Big Endian CPUs
* some refactorings
* new examples:,,,,,
* most important change: formulas support

Posted by Roman V. Kiseliov 2005-08-14

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