What are NumSPOut and RG Points ?

  • Greg

    Greg - 2012-07-17


    I can not find any proper documentation of the
    NumSPOut parameter, nor what is meant by a "regular Point" (RG) on
    a limit cycle. I'm not familiar with the numerics behind continuiation problems,
    but are these RG(1,2,3,…,?) of any practival importance? How should I reason the parameter
    choice for NumSPOut. If these are trivial questions I'm also happy for good external references!

    Thx ans greetings,

  • Rob Clewley

    Rob Clewley - 2012-07-19


    I'm fairly sure that SPOut is where user-defined "Special Points" during continuation get recorded, and NumSPOut is the max number that can be detected in one run. I think if you leave it out it defaults to the same as PyCont's max numpoints. So no, not really important. Sorry the docs aren't good there. I'll make a note to remedy that when I edit them next.


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