Debian python 2.7 Installation

  • Juan Pablo Carbajal


    I think it would be good to update the installation notes. In the case of Debian systems that .pth file should go into the folder

    Still planning to generate a file?


  • Rob Clewley

    Rob Clewley - 2013-03-04

    Thanks. Yes, I have discovered that issue recently. A setup file has been written and works for Debian, at least. I will possibly release a linux-specific version with that installer soon, rather than wait to test how well it works across all platforms first. My time to test that stuff is severely limited right now.

  • Juan Pablo Carbajal

    I can test on the systems I have at hand. I can't see the in the bzr repo, though

  • Rob Clewley

    Rob Clewley - 2013-03-05

    Thanks, that would be welcome. The setup file is not up yet anywhere. I can let you know when I do that if you email me. But it sounds like you have it working right now anyway.

  • Juan Pablo Carbajal

    Yes, it is working here!

    I will be using PyDSTool for DAEs. Is there more documentation? If not I can help you writing some if you point me to the orginals.


  • Rob Clewley

    Rob Clewley - 2013-03-05

    All we have is tests/ and More details about permissible DAE options and syntax can be gleaned from reading Radau's documentation and looking at the corresponding options for PyDSTool's interface to it, Sorry there isn't more - by all means send me some html to include on that page or a tutorial page (you can markup code and language in the way that I have done in other examples). It would be a helpful contribution.


  • Juan Pablo Carbajal

    Hi Rob,

    I will send you an example soon. Hopefully elucidating the use of the Radau solver interface (it seems it will be reverse learning :)).
    I will see how you created the html files for the tutorials.



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