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PyDSH 0.7 released

Released a new updated version. It's been a few years but it seemed like the right time for it. Thanks for the emails that got me motivated to do so.

This update completes the updates to Python 2.7 compatability started in release 0.6 and adds the ability to handle SSH public keys with passwords.

If anyone has any questions, just send me an email.



Posted by Dave Vehrs 2012-08-18

0.5.4 Released.

1. Added initial RCP support to the remote copying function (scp).
2. Added alternative port support for RSH, SSH, and Telnet sessions.
3. Added alternative port support for SCP/RCP.
4. Added alternative port support to node range declarations.
5. Added automatic pdb execution on exception (configurable).
6. Updated man pages.

Posted by Dave Vehrs 2005-05-29

CVS Added.

Added CVS for tracking most recent development and changes.

Posted by Dave Vehrs 2005-04-17

0.5.3 released.

1. Updated command execution to detect password prompting (i.e. sudo).
2. Merged scp_send and scp_get into one function (scp) and bugfixes.
3. Moved scp input validation into scp from main.
4. Moved most ssh/rsh/telnet input validation into host_loop from main.
5. Moved command prompt option setup to its own function (command_options)
6. Moved ssh_keygen to its own function (ssh_keygen).

Posted by Dave Vehrs 2005-04-09

0.5.2 released.

1. Fixed pydsh command line options to match help files.
2. Additional code cleanup.
3. Replaced use of zfill function from the string import (depreciated).
4. Updated pydsh man page.

Posted by Dave Vehrs 2005-04-06

0.5.1 released.

1. Improved script and INSTALL doc.
2. Code cleanup and bugfixes.
3. Improved README.
4. Man page for pydcp.
5. Changed configuration directory to

Posted by Dave Vehrs 2005-04-01

Initial Release

Initial release of pydsh a tool to make remote administration of multiple systems a little easier. Inpired by the GPL projects DSH, DSSH and DCMD.

Posted by Dave Vehrs 2005-03-30