PyDev 3.6.0 Released

PyDev 3.6.0 Released

What is PyDev?

PyDev is an open-source Python IDE on top of Eclipse for Python, Jython and IronPython development.

It comes with goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax analysis, code analysis, refactor, debug, interactive console, etc.

Details on PyDev:
Details on its development:

What is LiClipse?

LiClipse is a PyDev standalone with goodies such as support for Multiple cursors, theming and a number of other languages such as Django Templates, Kivy Language, Mako Templates, Html, Javascript, etc.

It's also a commercial counterpart which helps supporting the development of PyDev.

Details on LiClipse:

Release Highlights:

  • Important: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x (use LiClipse: for a PyDev standalone with all requirements bundled).

  • Thank you for helping in the current crowdfunding:

  • pep8:

    • was upgraded to the latest version.
  • Code formatting:

    • can now be used to code-format Python files (must be enabled in the code formatter preferences -- use '-a -a' for really aggressive mode).

    • Moved auto-save from the code formatter page to the save actions page (and created links to each other).

    • Fixed issue where a space was placed before a unary operator on an empty line.

  • The internal Jython was upgraded to 2.7.beta2 (some manual shrinking was applied to make it smaller).

  • On a run as unit-test (Ctrl+F9), if Shift is pressed when doing the launch, the unit-test will be launched in debug mode.

  • Shift+F9 can now be used to launch the current editor in debug mode (so, no more running a module with F9 to run it again later on in debug mode with F11).

  • Issue where the modules manager would miss the bultin modules was fixed (i.e.: Ctrl+1 to fix 'sys' undefined variable will show the 'import sys' fix).

  • Fixed corner case where filtering global tokens could miss some entries.

  • Fixed issue where relative import with more levels would not be found (on dotted imports).

  • It's now possible to debug UTF-8 files with BOM on Python 3.

  • Code completion proposals order was tweaked so that locals/globals appear first.

  • Trailing commas are no longer left when auto-removing unused imports (if that option is enabled in the preferences).

  • The manual now has instructions on how to use the Find Referrers: while debugging.

  • The PyDev editor supports the new dark theme in Eclipse 4.4 (so, when it's chosen the editor colors are properly updated).

  • Code analysis: when a package imports itself it's no longer warned as an import not found.


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PyDev - Python Development Environment for Eclipse

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