PyDev 3.1.0 released

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PyDev 3.1.0 has been released

Details on PyDev:

Details on its development:

LiClipse (PyDev standalone with goodies such as support for Django Templates, Mako Templates, Html, Javascript, etc):

Release Highlights:

  • Important: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x.

  • Refactoring:

    • It's now possible to rename a module (using F2 or drag and drop in the pydev package explorer).

    • Multiple improvements on the rename refactoring.

  • Debugger:

    • Automatic code reloading on the debugger (based on xreload).

    • Get referrers on debug

      • Right-click expression or variable in debugger and select 'Get Referrers'

      • Note: may not work on some Python variants as it needs access to the gc module.

    • Stackless python is now supported in the debugger, showing all the suspended tasklets in the stack view.

    • Automatically force focus to Eclipse on breakpoint hit (Enable in prefereces > pydev > debug).

    • The remote debugger can be left 'always on' (Enable in prefereces > pydev > debug).

    • If there's an exception while evaluating a conditional breakpoint the thread is suspended and the issue reported.

    • Option to skip caught exceptions thrown and handled in the same context.

    • A comment with @IgnoreException can be added to lines where an exception is thrown to have that exception ignored by the debugger when caught exceptions support is turned on.

    • Improved visualization of frame objects.

    • Bug-fixes on Jython debugging.

  • Unittest:

    • Django: The default PyDev unittest runner can now run Django tests properly

    • Selecting a unit-test method in the editor and right-click > run as unit-test will run only the selected unit-test.

    • Ctrl+F9 with test selected will pre-select only that test to run in unit-test.

  • General:

    • Improvements on search for references (Ctrl+Shift+G).

    • Fixed some racing conditions related to the plugin startup.

    • Organize imports has option to add from imports before other imports.

    • Improved connection to shell that does code-completion.

    • Properly supporting creation of shell inside a Jython VM in Eclipse.

What is PyDev?

PyDev is a plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Python, Jython and IronPython development -- making Eclipse a first class Python IDE -- It comes with many goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax analysis, refactor, debug and many others.


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PyDev - Python Development Environment for Eclipse

Posted by Fabio Zadrozny 2013-12-12

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