PyDev 2.7.0 Released

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PyDev 2.7.0 has been released

Details on PyDev:
Details on its development:

Release Highlights:

* **Code formatter**:

* Number of spaces before a comment can be configured (default: 2 spaces as pep-8 recommends)
* Minimum number of spaces before start of comment may be configured (default: 1 space as pep-8 recommends)
* Right trim lines now also properly trims comments.
* When the auto-formatter is enabled, if syntax errors are present the code-formatting is not applied (it could end up getting things wrong in this situation).

* Python 3.3 'yield from' syntax now properly supported.

* Fixed issue when unable to get filesystem encoding when configuring interpreter.
* Debugger: 'Enable Condition' checkbox in break properties dialog no longer ignored.
* Fixed ClassCastException during parse in Python file with yield in global scope.
* Fixed StackOverflowError in fast parser (i.e.: parser used to get only the outline of the code).
* PyDev Mylyn integration can now be installed on Eclipse 4.2.
* Fixed NPE when trying to add interpreter and it detected directory which we could not list() in Java.
* Fixed cache issue in code-completion (nature.startRequests() could end up not having nature.endRequests() called).
* Save a bit faster on big files (i.e.: No longer doing invalidateTextPresentation on each save).

What is PyDev?

PyDev is a plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Python, Jython and IronPython development -- making Eclipse a first class Python IDE -- It comes with many goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax analysis, refactor, debug and many others.


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PyDev - Python Development Environment for Eclipse

Posted by Fabio Zadrozny 2012-10-05

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