On 2/20/06, Fabio Zadrozny <fabiofz@gmail.com> wrote:

Yeap... probably making my own shell instead of the one Eclipse uses would make it easier... it's api still does not make it possible (and I wonder if it ever will).

I don't know much about Eclipse (I just downloaded it to try out pydev), but I thought it was supposed to be a pretty generic IDE backbone.  If that's the case then you'd think they'd be interested in providing good core support for the many dynamic interpreted languages that are out there.  The features you want (and we users are asking for) are the same ones one would want in a debugger for any interpreted language, perl, ruby, python, etc.  I can't imagine that the Eclipse developers would refuse to add a few API hooks here and there if it makes support for those languages better.

Or is it more like a generic backbone in theory, but in practice all the developers are mostly Java users, so that's all any of them care about supporting?