On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 10:06 AM, Kostas Georgiou <georgiuk@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello again,
I would appreciate it if you could comment on this subject. 
I also wanted some help on pointing out the classes that implement the client-server functionality of completion and console, to investigate the possibility of implementing it. 

Thanx in advance

Hi again,
>So, that would be more for speed right? 
yessss. Probably it will get some speed up, don't you think?

>I must say that I'm not sure that
>this approach is feasible because when you're gathering completions, you
>actually want to use a different Python or Jython interpreter (and not embed
>all into the Eclipse VM), 
putting it in a thread with different classloader (equinox magic) is making it actually a different interpreter, or not?? Is just that you should do all the initialization of package additions manually (addJar, addDir, etc). 

>and making it a Thread you wouldn't have access to that.
can you explain it a bit more please. The communication could be done through a shared variable, a pipe stream, asychronous method invocation or something else.

>What do you think?
thinking.... :-)So you think is difficult?


Hi Kostas,

I don't think it's difficult, but I do think that it should still be a spawned shell and not the same process as Eclipse because client code (which you'll import to do the completions) could end up halting the Eclipse VM (which doesn't seem like a nice thing for me).




p.s.: The communication for the completions is currently done in the AbstractShell class.