Not really... but that can be probably coded. Please open a feature request for that.



On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 6:25 PM, Doubleday, Dennis <> wrote:

Almost always, when typing Ctrl-Space at the ".", the completion
proposal that I want to choose does NOT begin with an underscore, yet
PyDev sorts the proposals so that all candidates beginning with
underscore sort to the top, so I have to scroll down to find the most
likely candidates.

I don't see a way as either a user or a developer to change that
behavior; the code shows me that the static final
IPyCodeCompletion.PROPOSAL_COMPARATOR is used to sort the candidates. Am
I missing a hook or a setting?

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> I want to work on this ticket. How can I start? I don't even know
where to
> begin... Is there some suggested reading or code examples?

The first step would be creating a grammar for it... I've created a
page describing the process for creating the grammar at:



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