Hi Chris,

I've created a new implementation for listFilesForCompletion (had to
change a little bit of changePythonPath, too), and it seems to work here
locally, all modules are found regardless whether linked or not.

Now I'm testing a little bit, and found out the following does NOT work:

  from xml.dom import minidom
  doc = minidom.parse("test.xml")
  e = doc. <-- no completion on "doc"

On the other hand, if I write

doc2 = minidom.Document()

code completion on doc2 works as expected.

Could this be related to my patch, or is it a general problem?

It's a 'general problem'. Basically, pydev will try to analyze the parse function for its return value and is unable to discover the likely value in the return, whereas in the other option, it can readily find the assignment to Document.