On 5/4/07, Neil <neil.ernst@utoronto.ca> wrote:
That makes sense...

what I'm stuck on is trying to get my own plugin activated. I'm
currently extending org.python.pydev.pydev_builder, but I'm not sure
what this provides me... do I need to implement a particular
interface, which is then added to the listener pool by Eclipse by

It would be great if someone had some sample code on how to use these
extension points... I'd rather not hack into the PyDev source

Actually, I think the extension point org.python.pydev.parser.pydev_parser_observer is more what you want:

   <extension point="org.python.pydev.parser.pydev_parser_observer ">
           <parser_observer class="my.parser.Observer"/>

and the Observer class must implement org.python.pydev.core.parser.IParserObserver (it already gives you the generated ast -- the outline is also based on this extension).