On 4/5/07, Igor Foox <ifoox@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi Fabio,

I'm packaging PyDev for Fedora and one of the issues that came up was
the origin and licensing of some of the python files that come with
PyDev. I was hoping that you'd be able to help me out in
understanding what these files are used for and wether it's OK to use
the versions that are already in Fedora.

org.python.pydev.jython/Lib contains 125 files, of them 112 seem to
come from the python distribution, 19 seem to come from the jython
distribution, with 11 of them being shared. These 11 have some
differences among them. The other 5 files seem to be from older
distributions of python (older than 2.5) and no longer exist in 2.5.

All beneath org.python.pydev.jython/Lib come from jython 2.1. I just extracted it and bundled it in pydev (the jython guys probably have taken some of them from python).

My question is, what versions of Python/Jython are these files from
and what is their use in PyDev? Would it be safe for me to link these
files with the files that come with the stock Python 2.5 or Jython
2.2beta1 distributions?

I don't think it's really safe to change those files, as it could break some things... that internal jython distribution is actually only used for jython scripting inside of pydev, but those scripts would have to be re-checked if an upgrade is done (I'd rather only do that update once jython 2.2 is stable).

Similarly, the files in org.python.pydev/PySrc. Some of them are
clearly developed specifically for pydev, but some others seem to
come from elsewhere.

The files from org.python.pydev/PySrc/ThirdParty are either from Bycicle repair man or ctypes (they are distributed in pydev, and executed under a separate shell).