On 12/11/06, Michael Sorich <michael.sorich@gmail.com> wrote:

Is there is a command to display the calltips for
functions/methods/classes that are already defined in a python module?
I know that there are calltips available upon completion, but it would
be useful to be able to assess the docstring and method signature at
other times as well. Eg when reviewing code and working out what the
function does and how to alter the arguments.

Not currently... closest thing would be seeing the outline (through the pydev package explorer or if you're using the extensions with the quick outline/ globals token browser -- but none of those currently show the docstrings).

Also sometimes the docstring does not fit into the calltips box.
Wingide's source assistant is quite good here as the docstring and
method signature are displayed in a separate scrollable panel. Is this
possible (or planned) with pydev?

Can you report that as a feature request?