On 9/27/06, dperez <craquerpro@yahoo.es> wrote:


Confirmed that this bug is solved in 1.2.4 :-)
But some other problems arise:

When importing classes (that I have added to the PYTHONPATH of my project)
located in jar files, I receive code completion for specifying package1 and
subpackage, but no for MyClass, when writing:

  from package1.subpackage import MyClass

in addition, it complains with this error (at the left column of the

  Unresolved import

The same happens with
  import package1.subpackage.MyClass

When my Java code is unpackaged (outside of a jar file), I have the same
behavior, except that I don't receive completion for package components.

The code runs ok and find the referenced java class files.

Humm... can you report that as a bug (I'll take a look at it)