Strange, I just tested it here and it worked... it appears in the lower-left corner for me (and if you pass the setMessage with the first parameter True, it will appear in red).

The script I tested here is:

if False:
    editor = ''
from org.eclipse.ui.texteditor import IEditorStatusLine

statusLine = editor.getAdapter(IEditorStatusLine)
if statusLine is not None:
    statusLine.setMessage(True, "foo", None)

-- Fabio

On 5/19/06, Don Taylor <> wrote:
Fabio Zadrozny wrote:
> Actually, you probably want to ask the status manager to the editor.
> Something as below (untested):
> statusLine = editor.getAdapter(IEditorStatusLine.class);
> if statusLine is not None:
>     statusLine.setMessage(False, "foo", None)

My code looks like this:

if cmd == 'onCreateActions':
     from org.eclipse.jface.action import Action
     from org.python.pydev.core.docutils import PySelection
     from org.eclipse.ui.texteditor import IEditorStatusLine


     class Paragrapher:
         ''' Provides tools to process a paragraph of text in the Pydev

         def __init__(self):

             self.selection = PySelection(editor)
             self.document = editor.getDocument()

             self.statusLine = editor.getAdapter (IEditorStatusLine)
             print "statusLine %s" % self.statusLine
             if self.statusLine is not None:
                 self.statusLine.setMessage(False, "foo", None)

When I run this I get:

statusLine org.eclipse.ui.texteditor.EditorStatusLine@1133f56

on the console - which I think is good?

But I don't see my message showing up anywhere.


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