Hi Barry,

We want to combine the features of PyDev and Ipython.  My partner and I
have had partial success in configuring Ipython to run as an external
tool.  My search of the web has turned up several other requests for
this capability, but no info on how to do it.

Has anyone accomplished this?  Is there a link to a tutorial, How-To,
etc.,  on the Web?

Not that I know of... (or at least not with the completions, colors, etc)

A more general question: what emulation(s) does the PyDev console
terminal support?  Will it emulate an ANSI terminal?  A VT-100?  Does it
support cursor positioning commands, and if so, what is the syntax?  Is
there documentation on the console's implementation details?

Actually, I don't think you have any of that stuff. The Pydev console... actually, not the pydev console but the Eclipse console (as pydev does not actually provide a console, but just uses the one Eclipse provide) just grabs the input / output and gives pretty colors, so, you don't have anything you'd expect from a shell

Shortly you have none of that stuff (which is basically the reason why it is not currently available).

There is already a request to make the console a better shell replacement in the Eclipse bugtracker (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=36669) but there seems no date for it (but they'd certainly accept patches if you're willing to do it).

The other approach would be creating a shell yourself, as currently IPython talks to a shell. Last time I saw something about it, the IPython guys had some plans to do a better architecture so that they didn't rely on the shell structure, thus making the integration not dependend on it, so, it might be worth checking with them if they did some progress on that.

Good luck,