Hi Don,

I am developing a Pydev Jython script and am having some difficulty in
getting imported modules to be recognized as having changed after editing.

I have a module called pyedit_test.py that imports wrapper.py which in
turn imports textwrap.py.  All modules are in the same folder - the one
named in my Scripting Pydev preference page.

The problem is that Pydev only seems to recognize and reload changes to

Yes, that's correct, it will only get the changes on the 'main' module. If you want to make changes on other modules, you'd have to restart the interpreter engine yourself:

if True: #add some clausule to make the reload
    from org.python.pydev.jython import JythonPlugin #@UnresolvedImport
    editor.pyEditScripting.interpreter = JythonPlugin.newPythonInterpreter ().

Putting all in the same module would be another way of having it too...(or maybe you could script an action where you bind that -- maybe something such as Ctrl+2+reload, where you call the code above).

PS.  I tried setting a breakpoint in a Pydev Script but nothing happened
- I presume that is to be expected.

Yes, there's no debugging on the scripting engine.