I am wondering what to do about my own utility modules. I use a couple
right now that I was thinking of incorporating into the source of my
pyedit_ file or simply including as peer files with the pyedit_ file.
  Any thoughts on the right way to do this?

I think that you could do a module (say: docutils.py -- or something descriptive on what it has if that's not all it contains), put your functions there and import that module from your scripts (the jysrc and the additional scripts path should be on your pythonpath).


PS.  I really wish that Jython had kept up with CPython.  My coding
style is 'Google and steal' and I keep tripping up on things that are in
later versions of CPython but not in Jython.

Yeap, I wish that too... hopefully they'll turn a 2.2 version soon enough (I keep track of the jython list, and it appears there is development going on) .