On 3/29/06, Jeff Lowery <jmlowery2003@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hope this attachment makes it (mail list is rejecting
zip files).  Shows where javadocs are associated with
the rt.jar (in addition to src.jar association).

Yeap, made it...

I'm guessing the src.jar assc. is used for 'go to
declaration' and the javadoc assc. is used for hover
text/F2. You may disagree, and you may be right.

Well, it's strange, because my variable for that points to http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/api (and not to a local dir... so, I'm guessing it would be unusable with F2 for me if it used that for something).

Whether we need javadoc help for Python is, to me, a
matter of performance, code reuse, and minimizing the
work involved. I don't know how Eclipse JDT manages
the lookup from rt.jar class/method to javadoc/src
comment, but in my mind's eye they're probably getting
the method signature and converting it to an HTML
anchor in the javadocs (or, they could be going to the
source declaration via a cached parse tree and
grabbing the javadoc comment there, like you say).
Somebody knows for sure, and I'd like a little word
with that somebody.

Actually, what you're saying seems more work to me then just grabbing it from the source-code (it's really easy to manipulate the AST from jdt)... Anyway, have you tried the newsgroup?

Thanks for the build info. Heading out on vacation
next week; with luck I'll get some hotel room time to
setup a project.

Good luck ;-)