On 7/15/07, Anders Dahnielson <anders@dahnielson.com> wrote:
Reacting to save events and getting all the necessary paths was fairly easy (for a Jython and Eclipse n00b) but I hit trouble when I tried to save myself some coding and instead leverage an existing test runner "nose" [1]. It simply do not run under Jython (dang!).
So my brilliant plan B (I thought) was to run it under CPython using the os.command module. Turns out that Jython doesn't have a popen() (dang again!).

I just realized that running tests under Jython isn't what I want. So, plan B is the new plan A.

So my question is:

* Is it possible to run "nose" using the CPython interpreter from within a Jython for PyDev script?

[1] http://somethingaboutorange.com/mrl/projects/nose/

Anders Dahnielson