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Official releases should be tagged (i.e.: https://github.com/fabioz/Pydev/releases), and looking at the history (http://pydev.org/history_pydev.html), it seems there's no 3.1.x release (only 3.1 and then 3.2, for which there are pydev_3_1_0 and pydev_3_2_0) -- the pydev tags are always tagged with a 'pydev' prefix -- i.e.: pydev_v0_v1_v2 (the other tags are related to aptana studio or titanium from appcelerator and don't really make up to official pydev releases).

I didn't really notice that some aptana releases didn't even specify a prefix nor suffix, so, I can see how that may be confusing... I think I'll go ahead and remove those since they aren't really directly related to pydev and make things confusing (do you see any issue there?).



On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 11:34 AM, Andreas Pakulat <andreas@froglogic.com> wrote:

I'm currently struggling a bit figuring out whether there is a git tag that
relates to the last 3.1.x release (in particular version
The closest tag I can find is v3.1.3.201309121700-titanium which is about 3
months before the release. The commit that seems to have been built as is ad583f874a312cc466b46ac637c7a28145779faf. I'm wondering
if there's a better way to figure this out, other than looking at the git
history and watching out for commit messages that indicate such a release was
about to happen.


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