Hi Andrew,

I agree it's a bug and also agree it's not worth fixing it :)

I.e.: to me having a JDT specific working set is the wrong concept in the first place provided that the platform itself has a working set concept -- IMHO, if JDT devs think some of those features are invaluable, they should be in the platform, not in JDT -- although given on how things are done in the Eclipse world, it may be historic: it's not uncommon for some feature to be created in JDT itself and only later on moved to the platform -- although many times this has side effects such as having one way to do it in the platform and another in JDT.



On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 12:17 PM, Andrew Ferrazzutti <aferrazz@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi Fabio,

I found an issue with the PyDev Package Explorer. When Working Sets are displayed, projects that are inside Java working sets cannot be opened/explored in the PyDev Package Explorer. This problem doesn't happen with Resource working sets, and when Projects are displayed instead of W.Sets. (Obviously, there are no problems with the Java perspective's Package Explorer.)

This happens in both my home & child Eclipse, and errors get displayed to the home Console when I double-click on a Java folder when using the child. Attached is a picture of the PyDev Package Explorer when this problem happens. java1 and pyset are Resource working sets, and java2 is a Java working set.

To me this seems like a bug, but since Java working sets are optimized for Java, maybe it's not that big of an issue. So I'm just telling you about it in case it is.