It seems I broke one of those tests (with an AttributeError: getNodeUtilsClass). I'll take a look at that (although everything else should work).

They can be run just as regular junit tests.



On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 10:51 AM, Andrew Ferrazzutti <> wrote:
Hi Fabio,

You told me to make sure that the JythonTest and PythonTest java tests work, and right now they don't; they either fail or have errors. My question is, did they work at some point in the past and something changed them? I ask this in case fixing these problems is a matter of restoring some older code rather than making new changes. The tests still fail/crash even when I have an older commit checked out, so I'm not sure.

Also, should the files be run as JUnit tests or plug-in tests?