Hi Andreas,

Do you have the change you did on github so that I can take a look on what'd change?

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 7:38 AM, Andreas Pakulat <andreas@froglogic.com> wrote:

I was exploring how to get an 'sdk' bundle set up for PyDev and have the
necessary source plugins and features now. Unfortunately it seems that
Eclipse does not cope very well with the way PyDev plugins setup their
classes. In particular having the class files inside a jar thats itself
packed into the actual plugin jar does not allow Eclipse to automatically
connect class files and sources.

I've adjusted one of the plugins to not create such a jar-in-a-jar and for
that plugin Eclipse can lookup sources for the classes of the plugin just

However before creating a pull request that changes this in all plugins I
wanted to check wether there's a particular reason for doing this that I'm
not seeing.


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