I was wondering if there is any plans to support disconnecting/reconnecting to the debug server. Right now you can create a debug server from within eclipse, and then connect to it from an external interpreter via pydevd.settrace(...). but as far as i can tell its not possible to then disconnect from the server once connected without restarting the application. In most cases this is OK but we started using this to debug our scripts that are running from with Maya and restarting Maya really isn't an optimal workflow. A better workflow would be to be able to connect to the debug server when i need to start debugging and once i'm done, disconnect from the server, and be able to reconnect at a later point when i need to debug some more without a restart of Maya.

sorta something like this:

pydevd.connect(stdoutToServer=True, stderrToServer=True)

import myModule


I've tried to hack a solution up myself but because i don't totally understand whats going on under the hood, I've only succeeded in crashing Maya.

Any help would be great.