congratulations for the latest release... important features were implemented :)

As I explained a couple of weeks ago, I need a suitable Python interpreter. For example, I need to launch the information about the modules of a certain Python interpreter on a remote environment, for example. Then, a different method to obtain such information are necessary. This was already resolved (I had to implement another class from AbstractInterpreterManager).

However, I faced another problem: depending of the remote environment (for example: a) installed on the same machine, but accessed through different commands or b) installed on a remote machine, and accessed though SSH commands), the InterpreterInfos of a certain python interpreter can be obtained in different ways (my XXInterpreterManager knows how to deal with it).  The point is that Pydev is using the path to the project's interpreter (from PythonNature#getProjectInterpreter) as the key to finding its unique configuration (ID == path location == executable). In a nutshell: why don't the python interpreter, instead of a string, can be implemented as a class (with attributes , such as display string, the path location and the ID)? And, on AbstractInterpreterManager#internalCreateInterpreterInfo(), instead of using a executable, can receive a PytonInterpreter (the new class)? I'm just finish a patch to sent you and wait for comments :)