I'm working on Maemo Eclipse Integration project (http://maemo.org/development/documentation/ide_integration/) which provides ESbox (http://esbox.garage.maemo.org) and PluThon (http://pluthon.garage.maemo.org) Eclipse plug-ins for developing maemo (http://www.maemo.org) applications with C/C++ and Python. For Python support, we use PyDev plug-in as base for providing features which help Python developers to implement interesting applications for maemo platform.

So far, we have implemented some important, but not too complex features on ESbox/PluThon based on PyDev. Now, we are facing difficulties to provide additional functionalities (e.g, suitable PyDev interpreter configurators), because PyDev does not offer extension points to extend some functionalities, it has some restrictions on classes/methods/attributes and other issues.

As an outcomer on this list, I do not want to show a lack of respect for your good work  :) Please, point me to any task or keep me away from any developing work.

I'll spend part of my time to look for problems and solutions on PyDev. In addition, I'll often send reports to this list in order discuss some possible solutions and add-ons we would like to develop for PyDev with tracks in Bugzilla and patches as well.

Best regards,


Raul Fernandes Herbster
Embedded and Pervasive Computing Laboratory - http://embedded.ufcg.edu.br
in cooperation with Nokia Institute of Tecnology - http://indt.org.br/