Hi all (and particularly fabio) -

I created a couple of feature request recently, and wasn't sure how the best way to do this was - should make it directly (will it get any of your mindshare fabio?) or should I talk about it here first? (ditto bug-reports, which I've made a few just now, with nice test cases)

I enclose the feature request text +URL below, strangely for such a small request, this turns out to be very important to me. anyone else have very long python lines, that they need more flexibility with?)


Indentation options 
I am finding more and more (after some two/three? years of using pydev)
that pydev default indentation after a bracket is NOT what I want.

Given the following code:

def f(self):
some_long_var = something_else + otherfun(
^ ^ ^
1 2 3
with your cursor at position 3

if you now type a word then return, OR a return directly, pydev currently
indents to the level of the bracket.

1) I suggest that when you type a return DIRECTLY after a bracket, what you
really want is to create some horizontal space - so ideally pydev would
automatically only indent to the next indent AFTER the previous indent
point (ie. the point 2)

2) in my case I might want to make this generally true for all brackets
(even if you type a word and then return)
It would be good to have a preference for this indenting behaviour (e.g.
"short indent on return after bracket-open" - default false)

if necessary could make item 1 a preference as well, but it's hard to see
why someone would want the current behaviour.