I get exceptions when I open a view, but after clicking ok I can work

An internal error occurred during: "PyEditNotifier".
com.python.pydev.interactiveconsole.EvaluateActionSetter.onSetDocument (Lorg/eclipse/jface/text/IDocument;Lorg/python/pydev/editor/PyEdit;Lorg/eclipse/core/runtime/IProgressMonitor;)V
An internal error occurred during: "PyEditNotifier".
An internal error occurred during: "PyEditNotifier".

Things that dont work, are refactoring rename, Nothing happens when I try to start it via the context menu.

While I started to get into it I noticed something small,

On Interfaces I mark the variables as unused, and in that case the docstring autocomplete does not create @param and @type strings. This makes sense for normal mehtods, but not in Interface declarations, imho. pylint regards my class as an Interface as soon as there is a base class with the name Interface.

While I am at it, I wanted to look into it for myself, but in the end never did it. There are some events which maybe should be handled in pydev editors too. As it rendered my eclipse unusable because eclipse was not defensive enough I filed a bug there for eclipse itself...

Best regards and thanks in advance,