Hey Fabio et al,
I fixed the issue, and it is something that people who like to work on both linux and windows should be aware off:  The problem was the default mounting options for mounting a fat32 partition in ubuntu.  The file type for the mount is vfat, and the option that needs to be added is 
the shortname refers to 8.3 filenames that work for dos.
From the mount man page under vfat options:

              Defines  the  behaviour  for  creation and display of filenames which fit
              into 8.3 characters. If a long name for a file exists, it will always  be
              preferred display. There are four modes: :

              lower  Force the short name to lower case upon display; store a long name
                     when the short name is not  all  upper  case.  This  mode  is  the

              win95  Force the short name to upper case upon display; store a long name
                     when the short name is not all upper case.

              winnt  Display the shortname as is; store a long name when the short name
                     is not all lower case or all upper case.

              mixed  Display  the  short  name  as is; store a long name when the short
                     name is not all upper case.


If you like to easily share data with Windows,by using fat32 partitions, be aware of the need to set this option.  In my case it was translating the META-INF to meta-inf, and would not allow me to even rename it to upper case in the shell, nautilus, or eclipse, as it already was upper case behind the scene, but eclipse didn't recognize the lower case...

Have a good one,

--- On Sat, 9/12/09, Fabio Zadrozny <fabioz@esss.com.br> wrote:

From: Fabio Zadrozny <fabioz@esss.com.br>
Subject: Re: [Pydev-code] Pydev project dependencies
To: pydev-code@lists.sourceforge.net
Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009, 3:51 PM

Hi Fabio,
I've been working on some test driven development functionality for Pydev.  While I am psyched that you have been able to open source Pydev Extensions so we can work with the code, I'm having issues with most of the projects not building in linux.  This is separate from needing to create the local testing data files--this I have down fine as I've been working with the pydev source from the subversion repo for a while.  Rather, after importing the projects from my local git repo, and then dealing with the TestDependent.java, most of the projects indicate red error markers in the package explorer that resolve down to all imports:
import eclipse.org.**
not being recognized.
When I look at the plugin.xml in any of the affected projects, there are *no* dependencies listed in the dependency tab.  I have also noted that in the overview tab of the plugin.xml, there is a link to create an osgi bundle for the project--so the bundle information is not being read.  I also note that the META-INF folder is actually named meta-inf in the package explorer, and the MANIFEST.MF is in lower case as well.  I run windows xp in a vm and note that these file names are correctly capitalized, and all of the dependencies show in the plugin.xml dependencies tab.  After tweaking the .
I was wondering if this is something that should be fixed in the repo, or perhaps is an issue with git on my end?

Have a good one,

Hi Dave,

That seems really strange... The capitalization of things seems correct for me (at least on my machine) and I've browsed the tree at github (http://github.com/aptana/Pydev/tree/master) and it seems correct there too. Also, although I still haven't built Pydev on linux after going to github, it was being regularly built before (doing nightly builds -- right now it's still not ported to github), so, it seems it's something on your side (although I'm not sure what could that be).

Anyone else there building on Linux can verify that?



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