I have noticed the same issue with PyDev 3.4.1, Eclipse 3.7 (installed PyDev manually).


It works perfectly when starting Eclipse normally, but not when I start it from another Eclipse using an “Eclipse Application” run configuration.

The PyDev plugins are part of the target platform, just like for Andreas.



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I don't know why that's happening... what I can confirm is that PyDev is building fine with maven on the latest version (and the 2.x branch hasn't really changed for quite a while).




On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 2:36 AM, Andreas Pakulat <andreas@froglogic.com> wrote:


I'm having a problem getting PDE to extract the python sources from the
org.python.pydev jar when using a local P2 repository that contains the
plugin as target platform. The run configuration for the eclipse application
that loads PyDev has the plugin selected but the configuration area only has
pycompletionserver.py extracted into the pysrc subdirectory.

That is the directory
App/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/1873/1/.cp only has that single .py file inside
the pysrc subdir. All the other files are missing. The result of this is that
completion of course does not work.

I'm suspecting this is rather a PDE bug than something odd with PyDev's
packages, but wanted to check if this has been seen so far since my searches
have not brought up anything yet.

I'm running Eclipse 4.3 SR1 here and am using PyDev 2.8.


Andreas Pakulat squish@froglogic.com
froglogic GmbH - Automated UI and Web Testing

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