I am looking at the problem of setting up Pydev where I have a number of files part of the project and a large number of files that are really only to consider as a library. The current set-up is that "my" files are in the "Source Folders", and "their"(=library) files are in the "External Libraries".


Now, a large number of legacy Python code exist in the library that relies on C modules that are not loadable. This cause a problem, which it took me quite a while to find out the reason for, namely that code analysis is run on the library -- of course generating thousands of error markers.


The obvious choice is to include the magic string (@PydevCodeAnalysisIgnore) in all files that should skip analysis. But I think that in many cases that is not possible, or at least cumbersome. Consider, for example, a large number of files in a third party RCS.


The solution is simple: I just move out the external sources outside of the project hierarchy, so that Eclipse no longer considers them as Resources. No analysis will be made for these resources anymore, but they will still resolve thanks to the "External Libraries" record.


Which leaves me at the question: Is there any particular reason for this behavior? It was not what I as a user would have expected to happen. (I suppose for some users, it is also not always possible to move external sources away, for example when the files are part of a build process that is hard to change.)



To better illustrate the problem, I have created a small script that generates a folder "pyproj" in the CWD. Import into Eclipse.


Thanks for your time reading all this babbling :)

// Rickard



---- BEGIN generate.py -----

import os


srcdir = "./pyproj/src"


alphabet = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"


for x in range(1,10):

      libdir = "./pyproj/lib/folder%02d" % x


      for y in alphabet:

            for z in alphabet:

                  f = file(libdir + "/mod%s%s.py" % (y,z), "w")

                  print >>f, "# Module %s%s" % (y,z)

                  print >>f, "import _MyCLibrary"

                  print >>f, ""

                  print >>f, "def myfunc():"

                  print >>f, "   return _MyCLibrary.myfunc()"

                  print >>f, ""



      f = file(srcdir + "/source%02d.py" % x, "w")

      print >>f, "# Source file %02d" % x

      print >>f, "import folder%02d.modcc as libmod" % x

      print >>f, ""

      print >>f, "def callmyfunc():"

      print >>f, "   return libmod.myfunc()"

      print >>f, ""


f = file("./pyproj/.project","w")

print >>f, """<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



















f = file("./pyproj/.pydevproject","w")

print >>f, """<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

<?eclipse-pydev version="1.0"?>



<pydev_property name="org.python.pydev.PYTHON_PROJECT_VERSION">python 2.6</pydev_property>

<pydev_property name="org.python.pydev.PYTHON_PROJECT_INTERPRETER">Default</pydev_property>

<pydev_pathproperty name="org.python.pydev.PROJECT_SOURCE_PATH">



<pydev_pathproperty name="org.python.pydev.PROJECT_EXTERNAL_SOURCE_PATH">




""" % os.path.abspath("./pyproj/lib")



---- END generate.py -----