Including jar files in Jython

  • starcoder

    starcoder - 2006-09-27

    I am having problem accessing jar files from jython within PYDEV. I know FAQ's provide the following answer for the problem:
    "ALL additional jars you configure in a project must also be on your global PYTHONPATH"

    I added the jar file in Window->Preferences->Pydev->Jython-Interpreter (System PYTHONPATH)

    I still cant access the jar file. I would appreciate if someone can provide more details regarding how to set the PYTHONPATH.


    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2006-09-27

      What do you mean by not being able to access the jar file? Can you give an example? Also, there was a problem about that that was solved in version 1.2.4... which pydev version do you have?



      • starcoder

        starcoder - 2006-09-27

        I downloaded the new version and its working fine. Keep up the good work!


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